Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

An intuitive card reading is the best way to start working with me. We can gain useful insight into the important areas of your life, clarify your current goals, and illuminate any repeat patterns or places you may be stuck. (Validation that you’re on the right path is always encouraging, too!)

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I am an Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reader and a Certified Angel Card Reader, with many years of experience and a vast collection of oracle and tarot decks.

When I do a Tarot Reading, it isn’t about telling your future or giving you the winning lottery numbers. It’s about reading your energy and advising you on your choices and path.

I often start to get an energetic read on your current issues the moment you book an appointment. Pulling cards gives me a visual and symbolic means of interpreting and communicating the messages I’m downloading for you.

I usually conduct private readings via Zoom (so you can call in via phone and hear my voice or login from your computer and see the cards on screen). I don’t offer email answers (currently) because I find the messages are more helpful to the client if we can interact live. I work with clients from all over the world, on a variety of questions and topics.

Intuitive Tarot Energy Readings are 20-30 minutes in length. We go over one issue or question. I look at what you can learn from it, how you should proceed for the highest good of all concerned, and/or what you can do to improve or solve the situation.

An in-depth reading (multiple questions, current state of the union, the whole picture of your relationship, life purpose reading, planning your spiritual business, or other complex situation) may take thirty to fifty minutes.

During a Card Reading, I focus on the messages in the cards and help you to gain clarity on whatever issue is on your mind. (If you’d like to experience More Magic, such as guided meditation, ritual instruction, or custom spellcraft, book a Personal Magic Session.)

Life Purpose Reading Sample Questions

What is the nature of your life purpose?
How can you best express your true calling?
What do you need to understand now about your life purpose or true calling?
How can you prepare to be the best you can be at your work?
What do you need to understand now about your job/career/work/prosperity?
Is there anything you need to change to stop holding yourself back?
What relevant experiences from your past should you take a closer look at?
Is this the best time to start your own business?
What should you focus on first?
How can you best serve the highest good of your clients and yourself?
Are you on the best career path for your highest good?

Love Reading Sample Questions

What is the nature of a new or current relationship?
What is the nature of your singleness or lack of relationship?
What do you need to understand about your partner?
What do you need to understand now about yourself in order to be a better partner?
What are the unseen influences you might not be aware of? What are you not seeing?
What issue from your past is preventing you from meeting someone?
What issue from your past is preventing your relationship from being the strongest it could be?

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