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Second Chance Magic In Seattle eBook by Veela Morgan |

Second Chance Magic In Seattle (Second Chance Magic Book 1): A Short Witchy Second Chance Romance

A midlife second chance at magic? No, I did not see that one coming. After all, nothing magical ever happened in my conventional life. That is until my author boyfriend of sixteen years dumped me for a younger woman…

Now here I was on a ferry outside of Seattle, heading to Whidbey Island, the very location where ‘Practical Magic’ was filmed. It was also the home of ‘The Annual Practical Magic Festival’ which would be taking place while I was there. That’s right, I would be celebrating my birthday on a magical island, in an adorable town, surrounded by equally nerdy witchy fans and revelers. It was almost too good for me to believe.

Little did I know, my real-life fairytale would surpass even my wildest dreams…


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