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Witchy Style vs. Intention

This morning I feel inspired to blog about something that I see often (in many forms) in the witchy community, online and IRL: the difference between style and intention…

What Do I Mean?

Style vs. Intention | article at

Let me backtrack and post the meme that inspired me to finally write this post today, because it’s funny and also it illustrates the difference between your witch style and your magical intention.

This meme is about the different ways a witch might cleanse and purify a space, right? So that’s the intention: cleansing and purifying or, another way to say it would be: banishing negativity and “bad vibes”. And that’s it. The intention or purpose of the action (words spoken, candles lit, smudge stick burned, whatever) is to cleanse the energy of a space.

Now the style of the two witches concerns their specific language and whether or not they create a “beautifully detailed” ritual. Style would also include: the color of the candle you choose—or if you even use a candle at all; the color of your cloak, if any, or if you do a ritual “skyclad” (naked) or wearing your favorite “witchy vibes” t-shirt; whether your nails are black or natural; whether you’re wearing makeup or not; and so on.

As you may have noticed, I redesigned the meme graphic to match my branding (which is another word for “style”). Your social media is also a reflection of your style.

Get it? Your style is personal. It’s the details you choose to express yourself.

Your style is personal. It’s the details you choose to express yourself.

Which style is better…?

Goth or glittery? Detailed ritual or loud declarations? Casual or fastidious? Spontaneous or highly prepared? Neither. Or both. In my opinion, the style that works best for you is the one that best helps you to focus your intent. In other words, you can use style like a tool if you want to. If taking a luxurious bath and donning your favorite, long, sparkly, sequined kaftan puts you in an extra-magical mood and helps you feel more powerful—great, do that. On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry, couldn’t care less about foo-foo robes, and just want those f*cking bad vibes banished the f*ck away, don’t waste your time on shiz that don’t matter. Got it? Not every moment in a (real) witch’s life is styled for Instagram. What’s important is that you focus on your intention and actually get something done.

Style vs. Intention | article at

The prettiest, most elaborate ritual in The Universe that never gets past the planning/dreaming stage is 100% less effective than even the most basic action that’s taken with strong intent.

In my opinion, this whole style vs. intention argument stalls a lot of new witches. They can get so worried about doing it “right” or creating a “perfect” ritual, that they never actually do anything meaningful at all. Find what works for you and ignore everybody else. Including—and especially—anyone who tells you you’re “not goth enough”, “too glittery”, “too pink”, “too cutesy”, “not serious”, not trained according to XYZ, or that your rituals “aren’t right” or “won’t work” because you didn’t do A, B or C. That’s bullsh*t, loves.

Follow your own inner-guidance, not some snobby-snob with thousands of followers on the ‘gram. Only you know your intentions—and if you don’t know your intentions, with crystal clarity, that’s where you need to focus your prep work.

So that’s today’s post on “Style vs. Intention”. I hope you found it helpful. If you have a question you’d like me to address, pop over to Instagram and post it. ♥

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