Energetically Clearing Your Space

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For any number of reasons, there will come a time when you feel the need to deep clean a space of its (possibly negative) energy and start fresh.

Perhaps you’ve moved into a new home and want to clear away the vibes of the previous tenants. Or you’ve recently recovered from a painful breakup and want to eradicate all traces of past heartache before attracting a new love. Maybe someone died in your home or there was some other traumatic, frightening or negative event (such as a break-in). Here are the methods I use for “deep clearing” a space.

Physically Clean The Space

First physically clear (or tidy) the space by removing any items you no longer use or want and putting all remaining items back in their proper place. (Get rid of any old mementos from your ex!) Dust and vacuum carpets. Launder sheets, towels and curtains. Open windows (at least while you’re cleaning) to bring in some fresh air and get the energy moving.

energetically cleansing your space | magicalveela.com
Mix Up Your Own Magical Cleaning Spray With Diluted ‘Chinese Floor Wash’ And Magical Oils

Chinese Floor Wash

Next, I mix up a solution of a tablespoon or two of Chinese Floor Wash in a bucket of water and carry it into the back of the space. (I often also add a few drops of “Fiery Wall Of Protection” oil and/or “House Blessing” oil and a few extra drops of “Van Van” oil to the floor wash water.)

If you are clearing a whole house, you start at the back of the very back room. If you are cleansing one room only, start at the back of that room. You will be working top down (ceiling down to floor) and back to front towards the main entrance of your home (that is the “front” of your dwelling). I use a cleaning rag dipped in the diluted floor wash and wrung out, to clean ceilings, walls, windows, window sills, light fixtures, floors, doors, door jams—every suitable surface. Work your way top to bottom, back to front, rinsing and ringing out your cloth as needed.

In your mind, as you are cleaning, focus on clearing the negative energy. Imagine you are pushing it out of your space and toward the door. Clean, clear and push. If you’d like, say a prayer or repeat a rhyme as you work. (I sometimes say, “All that’s dark go away; love and light, come to stay”. Or, “Ex’s Name, I release you to your highest good”. Or something similar.)

In your mind, trust that you are clearing out all negative energy because that is your intention and you are Powerful AF.

When you reach the front door of your home (or the front entrance you use most often), take the bucket of dirty water all the way outside. You can use it to clear your sidewalk or walk way, too. Pour some on the sidewalk and then sweep it out and away with a broom. Traditionally, the dirty water should be taken to a crossroads and disposed of when you are finished. However, I’ve never wanted to explain this to my neighbors. You can dump it in a gutter outside your home, or down a sink or toilet. Whatever you do, make sure to get rid of it. Don’t let it sit around in your space. Flush it all away. Put the rag in the laundry and wash it with hot water. Thoroughly rinse your cleaning bucket.

And then take a moment to enjoy your lemony smelling, clean space!

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Many people routinely burn a sage bundle and walk from room to room, using the smoke to clear a space. I, personally, don’t love the smell of burning sage, so I rarely use this method. However, I still believe in its effectiveness and I always keep a fresh sage bundle (or three) in my witch kit. Whenever I am asked to do a home blessing, I bring two sage bundles with me: one to use during the blessing and the other as a gift for the occupants.

If you are burning sage (either after a physical cleaning or in place of it), you will again use the “top-to-bottom, back-to-front” method and visualize clearing and cleansing all existing energy with the power of your intention.

Room Sprays

For a quick clearing (to start the energy fresh in the morning or to change the energy after a negative visitor, for example), or if you don’t care for the smoke of burning sage, you can use a variety of room sprays, and even make your own. (I occasionally sell small batches of the “Sage Smudge Spray” I make on my sister site, SAGE+CRYSTAL.) For clearing, I like to dilute Van-Van Oil or other conjure oils (such as “Road Opener” or “Uncrossing”) or “Florida Water” with spring water and keep it in a small spray bottle. A few spritzes around the room and it not only smells better but the energy feels better. (Again, hold your intention in your mind as you do this.)

Clearing Versus Attracting

Even though Van Van is actually a double-action oil (and “Chinese Floor Wash” often contains Van Van oil or some of the same ingredients), when I am doing a deep clearing, I make releasing and attracting two separate rituals. First you clear the old and/or negative, then you attract the new, desired outcome (love, money, more business, a peaceful home, and so on). Yes, add a couple drops of “House Blessing” oil or “Fiery Wall Of Protection” oil to your washing water if you’d like, but keep the “Money Magnet” and “Steady Work” oils for a separate, Attracting Ritual. I find that to be more effective, rather than trying to visualize everything at once.

When To Do A Clearing

Ideally, cleansing, clearing, releasing, and any letting go rituals are done during the waning moon. (When the moon is getting smaller.) Or on the New Moon. Attracting rituals are done during the waxing moon (as the moon is getting bigger), or on the Full Moon. However, if you are moving into a new home and/or you feel the need to do a clearing immediately for any reason, listen to your intuition and do it—regardless of where the moon is in its current cycle.

Where I Get My Floor Wash & Oils

I love the Chinese Floor Wash from Art Of The Root. (You can buy it on Amazon or directly from their website.) One of my favorite hoodoo suppliers, Lavinia’s, seems to have closed her etsy shop, but you may be able to find other practitioners there. (Etsy is problematic for witches and they’re known for closing “occult” shops without warning.) I often buy “Fiery Wall of Protection”, “Van Van”, “Double Action”, “House Blessing”, and many other oils from rootworkers, and highly recommend experimenting with these and/or learning to craft your own.

These are my methods. Experiment and develop your own magick practice that feels best to you.

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