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That time I wanted to clear the energy of my home without stinky smoke…

[Upated 9/10/19 to show the new name and URL of my witchy shop.]

I have a confession to make: I am a lazy witch. (Don’t judge me.) It’s not that I don’t enjoy rituals or making things or dressing up in flowy black clothes and lighting candles and bonfires…I really do. It’s just that there are So Many Things a busy witch and entrepreneur wants to get accomplished in a day…know what I’m saying?

So when I want to consciously “do” specific magick, I usually look for the quickest, most effective method. Bing! Bang! Boom! Get It Done! That’s my motto. (Unless the point IS the actual ritual, like on a Sabbat. But that’s an entirely different intention.)

It was this pragmatism that lead me to trying out Sage Smudge Sprays. I like to clear the energy of my home and work space every morning, so I can start with a clean slate. However, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the ritual and, to be honest, I don’t enjoy the smell of burning smudge wands. To me, sage smoke smells like, well, something’s-burning smoke, and not what-a-lovely-campfire smoke.

The first Smudge Spray I bought was highly rated on Amazon. It smelled fine, but mostly like lavender. And the ingredients in it weren’t clearly listed anywhere. The energy around it felt mass-produced to me, not Special. After several months of using it, I felt the call one morning to change-it-up and find something I liked better.

That something better turned out to include sourcing and investing in a bunch of organic ingredients, experimenting with recipes, and gradually developing my very own Sage Smudge Spray. (Which I LOVE, so mission accomplished!) Once I had created a batch of Spectacular Smudge Spray, I wanted to share my practical magic with others, which leads me to this Big News:

I am so pleased and excited to announce that I have launched a new business called SAGE + CRYSTAL! Via my new witchy shop, I am finally sharing all the magical lotions and potions I make and use myself!

Sage Smudge Spray by Good Witch & Co.

Opening a Magical Lotions & Potions Shop has been a dream of mine for years. Before I decided to share my creations, I researched and experimented with a great many oils, sprays, incense, bath salts and teas, and homemade recipes. Whenever I wanted something for a particular purpose, such as a smudge spray to clear the energy of my home, I would delve into Google and my vast witchy library, searching for a solution.

I read many, many books on witchcraft, herbal remedies, curanderismo, and old school hoodoo. I rigorously tested everything on myself and in my own life. Some of the products I purchased (or made) were definite keepers. Others were definite disappointments! Either way, I honed my craft and learned what worked and what didn’t.

I launched SAGE + CRYSTAL with the intention of providing high-quality, practical and pleasing magical items. My first product (which I am really proud of!) is a smokeless Sage Smudge Spray, made with organic essential oils of sage, lavender and rosemary in a base that is safe for body, linens or room. (You can get it here.)

The Sage Smudge Spray is now available from

The Sage Smudge Spray is made with Organic Sage Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, and Organic Rosemary Essential Oil. All herbs used for centuries by many cultures because of their cleansing and clearing properties.

Unlike many other “smudge sprays”, I created mine to contain more Sage Essential Oil, which gives it a top note of woodsy, earthy SAGE.

In my spray, the lavender and rosemary are more of a base note. (Organic Sage Essential oil is more expensive than lavender or rosemary oils, so it’s often used in smaller doses when blending.) I deliberately developed the sage spray this way because its purpose is to serve as a smokeless smudge spray, not necessarily a perfume.

The spray bottle also contains a tiny quartz crystal that has been energy-charged for extra blessing power. (It’s like a little prize! Be sure to save it when you’ve emptied the bottle.)

The Sage Smudge Spray is safe as a room, linen, or body spray. (When using on your body for the first time, do a small skin patch to test your reaction to the essential oils.)

“Energy in a room can be compared to water in a mountain stream. Imagine that there is a bend in the stream and that in this bend leaves and sticks and debris have collected over time, partially clogging the little stream of clear cold water. You can reach down and clear it out yet after a while, as more leaves wash downstream, the leaves will begin to collect again. Room purification is similar to removing the debris from the little stream, in that you can energize the places in the room where energy tends to go dormant or stagnant. However, you will notice that after a while the energy will become sluggish in those corners again, so that it is necessary to perform this ritual on a regular basis.” -Denise Linn, ‘Sacred Space’

I have many more magical lotions and potions planned and will be releasing them in stages over the coming months. Check-in here, follow me on Instagram, and/or watch the SAGE + CRYSTAL website to see new creations as they appear. (If there’s something special you’d like to suggest, please use the email contact form on the SAGE + CRYSTAL site.)

Is there a dream you’ve been waiting to pursue? I encourage you to start today. Even if it’s just one small step, at least it will be a move in the direction of your true desire. ♥

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